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What to do in Senj

A walk in Senj

The existence of Senj, Senia in pre-Roman times, dates back to 3000 years ago, while the Roman town is famous by the works of many ancient authors and archaeological finds. The testimony of these ancient times are now visible to the Museum of Senj, located in the beautiful palace Vukasinovic.
The 1st phase of the Senj's Cathedral dates back to the 6th century, built on an ancient temple, while its current form dates back to 1169, but on its walls are abundant testimonies of many remakes - Romanesque, Gothic and barocco. Walking through the center of Senj you will see many palaces, once homes of Senj's noble families. Do not miss visiting the old printing press, founded in 1494.
Senj is the hometown of many Croatian writers, to which the city dedicated the park above the old beach. And for children there is a trail dedicated to the book and the TV show "The Red Zora and her friends" set in Senj. Along the way, you will learn about Zora, her world and her adventures.

Nehaj castle

On a hill overlooking the city centre is located the massive fortress of Nehaj, dominating the town with its five towers and a total height of 18 meters. It’s construction, guided by the captain Ivan Lenković, whose coat-of-arms adorn the inner yard well, dates back to the year 1558. Inside the fortress are also visible the remains of a 11th century church and in this area an exhibition on Senj’s churches is set up. On the ground floor you will also find a tavern, a souvenir shop and the exhibitions on the Uskoks and the Coastal captaincy and on the aristocratic families of Senj.
The first floor, originally occupied by the canons, today serves for holding various events. The top floor, once used by the guards, is now fitted as a panoramic viewpoint, from which you can admire the coast but also the mountains of the Velebit and the Gorski kotar. Opening hours for Nehaj fortress are: July-August 10 am-9 pm, May-June-September-October 10 am – 6 pm.

Entertainment and events

Senj’s international summer carnival – this summer event, held at the beginning of August, reached in 2012 it’s 41st edition, which is a testimony of its popularity. Each year, along with local carnival groups, a large number of national and international groups arrive at Senj, contributing to the carnivalesque chaos that fills the city of Senj in this period.

Uskok’s days – a historical and cultural event that celebrates in 2012 its 5th edition, will make you travel back to medieval times, when Nehaj fortress was built and the city was governed by the Uskoks. In fact, it was them those who bravely defended this area at the time of the Ottoman invasions. On historic trails, around Nehaj fortress, numerous military camps are set up and courses in mediaeval arts and a real knights tournament. For the less aggressive visitors, there are various presentations of ancient crafts and traditional foods accompanied by juggler’s shows.

Beaches in the area

In Senj you can enjoy a nice and clean sea just by going to the city beach, located at a few hundred meters from the centre. Under the Velebit mountain, nature has created numerous bays, each particular in its own way, so you can choose the one you prefer and spend an entire day immersed in the smell of the Mediterranean vegetation. But you should also visit some of the places on Senj’s Riviera: Sveti Juraj, Lukovo, Klada, Starigrad, Stinica, Jablanac and Prizna, while along the road you’ll be able to relax on some of the many beaches.

A walk in the woods

In the surroundings of Senj you will find many natural attractions, three of which are hidden in the rocky cliffs of the Velebit mountain – in the northern part there is the National park Sjeverno Velebit, in the southern part there is the National park Paklenica, while the area in between is protected as a natural park.
Just 90 km inland from Senj, you will find the famous National park of Plitvice. Here numerous lakes located on terraces and immersed in the green of the forest, form beautiful interconnected waterfalls. Plitvice are also the habitat of many animal species and endemic plants. Plitvice are visitable the whole year.
The Lika region hides many more beauties – from the carsic rivers Lika and Gacka to the thick forests of Velebit’s slopes. Here, in the village of Smiljani, is also located the memorial centre of Nikola Tesla, where you can wander along its education trails and discover all the magic of this famous scientist.

  • Fortica 15, 53270 Senj, Croatia
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